Welcome! I'm so glad that you're here and interested in an Internship with Carlyle at Since my work load as an influencer has recently become quite large, especially being that I also work as a full-time Lead Digital Marketing Strategist, I've decided to take a fall intern! I'm looking for a student who is interested in learning more about what the blogging world is all about and is excited to take away real experience in the fields of PR, photography, social media/digital marketing, graphic design + more!  As an intern you will tackle real responsibilities and be my go-to gal this fall!

As a fall intern you likely do things such as:

  • Travel to events and meetings with me

  • Brainstorm ideas for blog posts and content creation

  • Help me keep up with emails and deadlines for brands

  • Assist with photography for all my social media

  • Online brand research

  • Help me keep a strong online presence

  • Create graphics with branded templates

  • Manage my Pinterest account

  • Work with amazing people, learn a lot and HAVE FUN!!!

*Intern MUST be located in Birmingham, Alabama or be able to commute weekly*

Think you can help? I'd love to hear from you!

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has an extroverted personality, isn't afraid to speak up and is comfortable with giving honest feedback. Has an eye for design and pays attention to detail, is passionate about creating new content and re-designing the old. Is prompt, organized and superior at meeting deadlines. Likes receiving free things and little "happys" during the span of the internship. Is comfortable around dogs and enjoys hanging out at coffee shops. Is creative, open-minded and always proposing new fun ideas. Is a problem solver and can find solutions in a timely manner. Is friendly, positive and has a quick response time. Likes to laugh, loves adventure and is ready to learn!